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This right here should have won chemistry of the year! I don’t give a shit who were the nominated. This right here is the most romantic,tragic and powerful scene I’ve ever watched. Paul & Nina are such amazing actors! The way they look & touch each other. The way they whisper and cry,this is what I call chemistry. Most of the actors have passion but I have never seen a chemistry like this! This right here didn’t need lips biting,jumping in bed or t-shirts ripping. This right here is something true,something special. And I don’t have an idea why Paul wasn’t nominated for an award.It’s just not fair. All I know is that Nina & Paul deserve all the awards in the world because they are freaking amazing! And I am sick and tired of Paul being underrated by the people. He has chemistry with everyone on the show and he can make everything so smooth and special. Nina & Paul have the best chemistry in the world,not only on the show.

hell yeah !! 

hottie <3

hottie <3




"Elena spends weeks trying to get Stefan’s memory back it finally happens"

*After he regains his memory*

Stefan: I’m leaving, Elena.

Elena: No. You can’t. Why? *beginning to sound confused, aggravated*

Stefan: Because Elena, I can’t do this anymore. Do you know how hard it is to be completely…



:O just perfect…

Stefan and Elena 5x04 promo

i can’t wait till next thursday !!! this is gonna be the best episode since the beginning of the season 5 !!!! ahhhhhh that episode is gonna be freaking amazing :)))))) 


MY NEW HUMOR VIDEO FOR TVD 5x01&5x02..ONLY FOR STELENA SHIPPERS! It’s anti-delena. haha :)

i just love that :))


Interviewer: And Caroline was so anti Damon & Elena last season, are we gonna see more of that?

i love caroline <3 lexi, klaus and caroline are with me the best stelena fan


I’m probably going to get a lot of hate for making this but guess what? I don’t give a fuck. Because to me Stefan will always and forever be the better brother, the better boyfriend, and the better person compared to Damon. He has done so much for Damon and all Damon does is hurt him. He killed his best friend Lexi, he went after Elena for 3+ seasons without a care in the world. He did not care if it would hurt Stefan, all he cared about was “getting the girl” and sadly he succeeded. After everything Damon has done to Elena like not releasing her from the sire bond, killing her brother, hurting everyone she cares about, not letting her make her own decisions and basically being a horrible person she still ended up wanting to be with him. Look i get that Julie Plec writes this show & she lacks a lot of logic but it’s disgusting how Elena was forced to love Damon through a sire bond. Because prior to it, it was always Stefan. I don’t care what anyone says without the sire bond Elena wouldn’t have ended up loving Damon and “choosing” him. Moreover, I know Stefan has done some pretty bad things and I do not condone his actions or shrug it off like it’s nothing but the thing is he always tries to better himself and be a good person. He fights to be the best version of himself no matter what. Unlike Damon who refuses to change. He even told Elena that he won’t. His character development is the funniest shit I have ever seen on TV because what character development? Damon Salvatore has been a psychotic, impulsive, tantrum throwing, inconsiderate, obsessive, narcissistic, egotistical, rude 172+ man child for the past 4 seasons and I don’t see him ever changing. Finally, don’t care what you think of Stefan because I see the person he is. How he tries so hard to do the right thing, how much he loves Elena despite the hell she put him through, how he cares for her family and friends, and how he would die for his brother without hesitation. That is why he will always be the BEST choice between the two (Elena said so herself) and why Damon can never be half the man his younger brother is. Not even close. 

this is so truuee.. whyy julie plec does’nt understand that!!!

The worst day of loving someone is the day that you lose them.. </3

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Elena and STefan were perfect… I need to know how many people still ships them

i’m team stelena always and forever and it’s so frustrating when all your friends are team delena!! i will never ship delena never! it’s stelena! crazy or not, that kind of love never dies ;)


Damon never even realized how much pain Elena was in.
Everything, her brave face, you trying to cope with being a vampire all of it was FAKE. She wanted nothing more than to be a human again and no matter how much Damon literally convinced her that being a vampire was better deep down she still…

so truuuee <3